mean1 [mēn]
meant [ment] meaning [ME menen < OE mænan, to mean, tell, complain, akin to Ger meinen, to have in mind, have as opinion < IE base * meino-, opinion, intent > OIr mian, wish, desire]
1. to have in mind; intend; purpose [he means to go]
a) to intend or design for a certain person or purpose [a gift meant for you]
b) to destine or seem to destine [he was meant to be a doctor]
3. to intend to express, signify, or indicate [to say what one means]
a) to be used to convey; denote [the German wordjameansyes]
b) to be a sign, indication, or herald of; signify [this means war!]
1. to have a purpose or intention in mind: chiefly in mean well, to have good intentions
2. to have a (specified) degree of importance, effect, or influence [honors mean little to him]
mean well by
to have good intentions or friendly, helpful feelings toward
mean2 [mēn]
[ME mene, common, hence mean < OE (ge)mæne, akin to Ger gemein, plentiful, COMMON]
1. low in quality, value, or importance; paltry; poor; inferior: now usually in negative constructions [paid no mean sum]
2. Rare low in social status or rank; of humble origin
3. poor in appearance; shabby [a mean dwelling]
4. ignoble; base; small-minded; petty
5. stingy; miserly; penurious
6. bad-tempered; vicious; unmanageable: said of a horse, etc.
7. pettily or contemptibly selfish, bad-tempered, disagreeable, malicious, etc.
8. humiliated or ashamed
9. Informal in poor health; not well; ill; indisposed
10. Slang
a) hard to cope with; difficult [to throw a mean curve in baseball]
b) skillful; expert [to play a mean game of chess]
mean3 [mēn]
[ME mene < OFr meien (Fr moyen) < L medianus: see MEDIAN]
1. halfway between extremes; in a middle or intermediate position as to place, time, quantity, quality, kind, value, degree, etc.
2. medium; average; middling
1. what is between extremes; intermediate state, quality, course, or procedure
2. avoidance of extremes or excess; moderation
3. Math.
a) a number between the smallest and largest values of a set of quantities, obtained by some prescribed method: unless otherwise qualified, the ARITHMETIC MEAN
b) the number obtained by multiplying each value of x by the probability (or probability density) of x and then summing (or integrating) over the range of x
c) the second or third term of a four-term proportion: see also GEOMETRIC MEAN, MEANS

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